About Us
California Sweet Potato Growers is a grower owned and operated Sweet Potato Packing facility located in the sandy soil of Livingston, California. The first sweet potato cooperative in California, Cal Sweet was founded in 1963 by a group of growers with a dream of integrating their farms and bettering their businesses.

With great foresight, the original members built Cal Sweet near Highway 99 making it one of the most easily accessible sweet potato packing sheds in the Central Valley.
Among the original founders was Joe Alvernaz, or as most know him “Sweet Potato Joe”, a true pioneer in the California sweet potato industry.   Sweet Potato Joe’s influence is still apparent today, from having named two common varieties, the Diane and Golden Sweet, to leading Cal Sweet to be the first Central Valley shipper to implement shed washed potatoes in 1963—a practice which is now an industry standard.

Over the years many family farms have contributed to the success of Cal Sweet, but the Alvernaz Family has remained at the heart of it. Continuing the legacy Joe established are his sons, Ben and Jim Alvernaz, and his grandson Matthew Alvernaz.

Today, Cal Sweet packs and ships 300,000 cartons of sweet potatoes and yams from more than 350 aces. As a mid-sized shipper our size and scale allows us to maintain the consistent quality pack that is synonymous with the KING brand label.
Taking pride in what we do, Cal Sweet is more than a company it is a legacy of family farms.  A legacy we look forward to continuing for many generations to come.

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